Methaya Technology Co., Ltd.

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    Board Bring-up

    We can help you design hardware prototypes as well as prepare embedded firmware for your product.

    UI/UX Design

    With solid UI/UX design knowledge, we help you have the right design for each step of your product journey.

    Embedded Firmware Development

    We work with low-level firmware for all kinds of embedded devices along with BSP layer programming for boot loaders and device drivers.

    Who we are

    Methaya is a product design and embedded software development company that customizes technology to meet the specific needs of its customers. We build embedded firmware and UI/UX designs for customer products and IoT systems with more than 10 years of experience in the embedded system in product design and development.

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    Electronics Design 0
    Embedded Technology 0
    Firmware Development 0

    Driving Innovation through Optimized Architecture

    We offer services throughout the product lifecycle from design and development to testing, production support, and post-product introduction of the latest technologies.

    Product Specification
    We are utilizing the most advanced technological knowledge in product specification and development to ensure unprecedented features and potential upgrades in our systems
    Cost-Effective Solutions
    We put our client’s needs first and foremost. Our product design solutions cater to each client’s budget and system requirements.
    User Experience
    We design to make the complex seem simple. We’re committed to distilling diverse user needs into experiences that balance efficiency with robust utility.
    Product Development
    We have the expertise and ready-made software frameworks to help. We use the ‘minimum viable product’ (MVP) approach to help you develop a product prototype that focuses on high-value features and product requirements.

    Design for Manufacturing & Assembly, Design for Business

    We are one of the best product engineering and development companies in Thailand that we use the latest process and technologies and is second-to-none. Our expert product engineering and product development team has decades of experience engineering and developing simple and complex mechanical and electro-mechanical systems.


    Collect and fund strategic ideas, risk analysis and early product testing


    Product fit confirmed, Agile team formed, stories written and business plan approved


    Proof on concept created, development planned, Agile process continues and product design


    Product feature complete, quality is assured, Agile development continues and release plan finalized


    Validation the product in the eyes of the customers and testing the viability of the product

    Stay In Touch & Say Hello

    Please feel free to get in touch anytime, whether for work inquiries or to just say hello. We are more than happy to discuss your needs and help bring great ideas to life.